How to complete the Turn Back Time Challenge in Bitlife (2024)

The Turn Back Time challenge in Bitlife is an epic tale of an American pop star making big in the industry and revisiting her past.

Unlike other free challenges in Bitlife, you’ll need the Musician Job Pack to complete this quest and become a pop singer, which is one of the main requirements if you want to complete this challenge. Here’s how to complete the Turn Back Time challenge in Bitlife.

Bitlife Turn Back Time challenge guide

How to complete the Turn Back Time Challenge in Bitlife (1)

Here are the conditions you need to meet to complete BitLife’s Turn Back Time challenge:

  1. Be born a female in California.
  2. Become a pop singer.
  3. Have at least two pop albums go platinum or higher.
  4. Marry an ex-boyfriend.
  5. Have a best friend who identifies as gay.

Be born a female in California

Like last week’s challenge, there is no California to select from the list of areas in the United States. You need to start a custom life, choose United States as the country, and select Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego as your birthplace to get the challenge started on the right note.

Become a pop singer

Becoming a pop singer in Bitlife has its challenges, but you can make it easier by taking Vocal lessons from an early age. At eight years old, go to Activities, select Mind and Body, and ask your parents to take Vocal Lessons to improve your skills. There could be two outcomes here; they say no, and you can continue to age and ask each year for lessons, or they can say yes, and you can take multiple vocal lessons to improve your skills to the green color.

Next, go to the Special Careers menu and become a Pop Singer with a Record Label. Apart from this, if your vocal skills improve drastically after 18 years, then one of the companies should offer you a contract directly to become a pop singer, and you can accept that directly.

Have at least 2 pop albums go platinum or higher

Persistence is key here. In your profession, you should make multiple Albums, one after the other, to make them go platinum or higher. Select the highest number of songs, choose different genres and a quirky title, and roll with it. Collaborate with other musicians, attend fan meetings to increase your popularity, and perform at concerts. Within a few years, your albums should be flying off the shelves and you should have a lot of money.

Marry an ex-boyfriend

Now that you have achieved glory in the singing industry, it’s time to return to your ex. Simply navigate to a relationship and make a boyfriend through dating apps and break up with them within a year. If you already have an ex, you can skip this part.

You can now select your exes in the Relationship tab and start making amends by calling them and selecting Rekindle your Relationship in the reason for the call to send them hints. However, make it early enough after your breakup, as things might not work out, and you’ll need another love interest to complete this part of the quest.

How to complete the Turn Back Time Challenge in Bitlife (2)

You can also give them gifts and compliment them to melt their hearts, and they should return to a Relationship with you. After that, propose to them with a ring and then plan a wedding to make the arrangements, and they should accept the invitation to marry you.

Have a best friend who identifies as gay

This is the most demanding part of the challenge, as friendships are pretty random and, unfortunately, out of your control. You can make friends, some of which may identify themselves as gay. Then, it’s a trial to see if they can become your best friend.

However, there is an easy way to complete this by using God Mode, where you can choose any of your female classmates in high school and edit their attributes to make them gay. Afterward, befriend them and go to Relationship to change your status with them to Best Friends to complete the challenge and earn your rewards.

Make sure to complete the challenge by July 3, 2024, and swing back next week for a new Bitlife challenge!

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How to complete the Turn Back Time Challenge in Bitlife (2024)
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